Artist Bio: Lun Tse

Lun Tse and his twin brother were born in Hong Kong, China on February 19, 1964. The name Lun in Chinese means "dragon". There were ten children in the humble Tse family. The decision was made to emigrate from China to San Francisco in 1967. For several years, the family lived in the Chinatown section of San Francisco. Within a few years after their arrival,
Lun's father abandoned them. His mother was left to support the ten children alone in an unfamiliar country. She left San Francisco and took her family to Salinas, California.

In the much quieter small town of Salinas, Lun's twin began writing a great deal which inspired Lun's own creative development. Lun would draw illustrations to accompany stories written by his twin. In high school, art classes were Lun's focus. He graduated with an art scholarship. Lun moved to Tampa where he worked to pay the bills but was quickly winning awards at festivals and showing work in galleries in Boca Raton. Within a few years after college, he was working full time as an artist.

His colorful paintings have consistently had a richness and depth with remarkable use of light. Lun's paintings show a connection to not only nature, but also to the spirit and energy of nature. His use of neutral colors collides with the brilliantly vivid colors in his pictures to create excitement and a true sense of life. In recent years, he has emerged from an upcoming artist into a renowned artist, whose work is already collected nationally. Lun Tse is represented by one of the most prestige publishers in the industry. His work is shown and sold at major art exhibitions and galleries throughout the United States and internationally.