Artist Bio: Simon Bull

People are always asking me about my life, my inspiration and what it is like to be an artist, so rather than a formal short biography I thought I would personalize this and tell you a few things myself. If you just want a list of all awards, museums my work is in, how many royal families around the world collect my work; how I fought off just about every artist in America to be represented by the biggest art publisher in the world for a couple of years before striking out on my own, you can read about it on my website or by reading my coffee table book "A Celebration of Life." Interesting as these things are, they are just some of the things that have happened along the way, the most important part is why I paint at all.

Now in my mid forties I can look back and start to see a few things in perspective. As a child I was always fascinated by nature. Traveling to and living in many exotic places such as the rain forests of South America and the mountainous New Territories of Hong Kong heightened my sensitivity to the startling beauty of creation.

Ours was a close and loving family, but my father's work in the military meant that he would be posted to different parts of the world every three years. As a result, I was sent away to boarding school to be educated, visiting with my family from then on only during school holidays. I accepted this as normal at the time but with hindsight I can see how deeply I was affected by the lack of my mother's touch and of my father's reassuring presence all those growing years. In my mid teens the emptiness in my life started to fill, first by meeting Joanna who I was to marry four years later and secondly by finding Jesus. It is difficult to describe in a few words the impact that becoming a Christian had on me, but Christ became for me the harbor in which the little boat of my life found refuge from the wide open sea of life. Beyond this, the prospect of eternal life and future in heaven where all tears were wiped away and there was no more pain, no more separation, dramatically altered my perspective and brought me peace.

I left art school in 1980 and had a wonderful time for the next fourteen years painting water colors around the world, raising a family and enjoying reasonable success as an artist, but in the mid 90's everything changed. There isn't space here to give you all the details but God started taking me back to my childhood and healing me. He stripped back the veneer I had wrapped around myself and showed me the child I was still inside, and he helped me to grow up, emotionally and spiritually. Christ's bitter pain and desolation met me and healed me forever.

After that my work changed, it became more intimate, more honest, more about me and more about us. It became something more than depictions of flowers or bright colors. It became a river that rose from the mountains of a healed heart and offering that heart to you whoever and wherever you are is the reason I paint every day.